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Other Dockyard Attractions Video

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Associated Web Link: www.actionstations.org

Transcript Of Narration
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard also includes a dockyard apprentice museum housed in boathouse number 7 and an action stations museum housed in boathouse number 6.

Action Stations allows you to investigate the modern Navy. The museum allows you to see what the modern Navy is up to around the world before watching a 24 minute action packed movie. The movie depicts HMS Monarch combating gold bullion pirates in the South Seas. After watching the movie you get to see if you have got what it takes to join the Navy by using simulations.

Moving to the upper level of the museum you get to explore the weapons used by the Navy and to experience refuelling a ship via a bridge simulator. There is a full-scale replica of a cockpit of a Merlin helicopter to be experienced before experiencing the Royal Marines and Operations Room. Last of all is a simulator where you can join a Royal Marines Raider Boat and be a part of the raid.

For more information about Action Stations have a look at www.actionstations.org. The dockyard also features a dockyard apprentice museum, which allows you to experience being a dockyard apprentice. The dockyard apprentice museum allows you to discover the skills and crafts used to build the dreadnought battleship. The Dockyard Apprentice display is located within boathouse number 7.